Porto Brazil

Porto Brazil is a Brazilian-European beachwear company for women.

All Porto Brazil products are manufactured in Brazil. The business headquarter is in Madrid, with offices also in Brazil and Norway.

Porto Brazil achieved their first international recognition when Rihanna was spotted wearing the brand in 2012. Since then the brand has been known to be a favorite brand for a number of celebrities worldwide.

It is important for us to show the real Brazil. Porto Brazil is therefore known to use personal images that the company's own employees have taken in Brazil to show the real magic – the campaign is known as “This is Brazil”.


Porto Brazil is the product of a trip to Brazil in 2009. The founder of the brand K. B. Torper fell in love with the country, people and culture.

The journey was intended to be an experience of something new and exciting – and new and exciting it was: the impressions of a magnificent country, with its fabulous beaches and nature, fascinating people and especially its unique design would change Torper’s life forever.

Since starting out with only a small office in North of Brazil in 2009, Porto Brazil is now a global brand with employees from several countries such as Brazil, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Norway etc. Today we manufacture more than 100 different styles of products.


We in Porto Brazil mainly focuses in selling our products online, especially from our own web shop www.portobrazil.net. Products are also being sold through various shops and web shops such as El Corte Ingles, Nelly, Miinto etc.  

 Porto Brazil stands out due to the extensive use of product placement. We cooperate from time to time with high quality influencers as guest designers for Porto Brazil.

The difference between Porto Brazil and the other swimwear brands in the market is our edgy design: Our slogan is ‘Dare it-Wear it’! The designs are a perfect mix between Brazilian exotic style and the European elegance and functionality. We want Porto Brazil swimwear to attract confident women who gain more confidence and feel more comfortable when wearing our brand.


We make colourful bikinis, swimsuits, summer dresses, jumpsuits and cover-ups for women. All the products are designed by an in-house team and manufactured locally in Brazil.

Porto Brazil use high quality textiles to ensure long lifetime for each product. The beachwear is always tested before production under various conditions such as salt water, chlorinated water, strong sun etc. to ensure the best result.