When you are done swimming and tanning for the day, it is important that you rinse your beachwear as soon as possible. This will not remove all sweat, sun screen, salt or chlorine completely, but will get rid of most of it.

After rinsing the beachwear, it is important not to wrap it up in a towel or a plastic bag, but leave it to dry (not in direct sun light) until it is ready to wash. This to avoid mildew, mold, etc.

After using swim wear it is important that you wash the clothing as soon as possible. Always wash by hand. This because the washing machine can ruin the fabrics in your swimwear.

Fill the sink with lukewarm water and use a mild liquid detergent. Soak the beachwear a few minutes before squeezing it, letting the soap pull firmly into the fabric. Do not rub fabrics against one another, as this can ruin the beachwear’s materials.

Rinse in cold water and squeeze out the water. Beachwear is never to be dried in direct sunlight. This may cause unwanted change in brilliant colours.

Do not use a tumble dryer. A better alternative than leaving the beachwear to hang, is to lay it flat on a towel on the floor. It may take as long as 24 hours for swimwear to regain it’s original shape.

Jacuzzi or a bubble bath: If you have a brand new set of beachwear that you are particularly happy with, it may be wise to drop it if you are going to use a jacuzzi or a bubble bath. The heat and the bubbles may have a serious impact on the fabrics of the beachwear, and it may be smart to pick an old swimsuit, not your favorite bikini for this use.