Madrid hosts global premiere of the Summer 2019 collection by Porto Brazil

Friday 26 October saw the Espacio Harley in Ventas, Madrid transformed as Brazilian fashion house Porto Brazil took over the space to premiere their new season collection alongside the much anticipated global launch of Nordic Life premium natural mineral water.


The new collection comprises two distinct categories: Fitness and Bikini.


The new fitness collection is named Beco de Bat, after the Beco do Batman district of Sao Paulo famed for its dense concentration of vibrant graffiti. Combining performance fabrics with street attitude, the new fitness collection exudes confidence and determination.


Following hot on its heels, the new bikini collection transported guests to South America, with bold styles and shapes referencing the poise, self-assurance and exuberance of Brazilian beach culture. The colour palettes were heavily inspired by the stunning rainforests, rivers, cliffs, and coastlines of Brazil, alongside animal prints reflecting the country's biodiversity. 


Backstage much of the chatter turned to the front row - packed with celebrity guests from the worlds of fashion, art, and healthy living - as the models showcased the innovative new looks in front of legendary Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and other industry influencers.


The other focal point of the evening was the official unveiling of Nordic Life - the new pure Norwegian premium water. Those attending had the exclusive opportunity to taste Nordic Life water themselves for the first time, and grab a selfie alongside a giant rendition of the new Nordic Life bottle sculpted in ice.


Guests were also treated to a delicious Brazilian barbecue accompanied by Caipirinha cocktails and selected wines. Nearby, a pop-up themed bar payed homage to Norwegian cuisine and provided premium Nordic Life mineral water for all attendees.


With TV presenter Ainhoa ​​Gonzalez at the helm, the night went from strength to strength, supported by additional performances of Capoeira, contortionists and dance. By the end, guests were left in no doubt that the new collection from Porto Brazil is set to change the game in 2019.


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