Summer Holidays


Everyone around the globe is on holidays but how different each country spend their leisure days is a matter of fact. US travellers indicated through a global survey their travel budget for this year is reduced by 10% to $2,373 (€2,131) while Europeans indicated that their travel budgets increased by 3% to € 2,019. The increase was mainly attributable to countries in the Euro Zone (which excludes the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Poland) as budgets increased to €2,099 for that region. Brazilian travellers also indicated that their budgets decreased by almost 3% to R$ 5,058 (€1,138).

Americans are last in terms of how much vacation time they'll take this year with respondents indicating 1.4 weeks on average. Interestingly, Brazil led all respondents at 2.2 weeks of vacation while Europe was close behind at an average of 1.8 weeks. Part of the 10%reduction in travel budget may have to do with where the majority of Americans plan on taking their vacation this year. While 35% haven't decided on their destination yet, 50% of Americans indicated they would be travelling domestically this summer. In terms of destination type, American travellers were pretty closely split between beach (45%) and city (42%) destinations while Europeans (62%) and Brazilians (50%) preferred beach vacations.

One commonality was that budget was the most important factor when making plans for all European, American, and Brazilian travellers. Americans ranked taking part in leisure and cultural activities and the climate as their second and third biggest considerations, respectively. Risk of a personal attack and a terrorist attack rounded out Americans' four and five spots, while comparatively Brazilians ranked them as their fourth and third biggest concerns. Europeans, on the other hand, ranked risk of terrorism as their fourth largest concern with risk of a personal attack coming in at number six. That said, the number of travellers who indicated they were concerned about terrorism was down across the board with percentages for Europeans, Americans, and Brazilians all dropping by six to seven points from years prior.

Americans are some of the most outdoorsy when it comes to atypical vacation activities with 46% indicating they would like to spend their summer vacation camping in the wilderness. That is compared to only 28% of Europeans who indicated they would do the same. Interestingly, Polish travellers had the highest number of respondents who indicated they would like to spend their vacation camping in the wilderness (52%). That said, Americans were also the most likely to work on their vacation with just 54% indicating they would be disconnecting completely – compared to the United Kingdom (76%), France (71%), Italy (67%), and Brazil (63%). Furthermore, 50% of US travellers indicated they would spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on work during their vacation time.

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