Tips to get in shape for the summer

Spring is already here, and most of you are already thinking about the upcoming summer season. Being fit is about more than losing weight, it´s also about health and strength. Having the energy to enjoy most of the bathing season and getting in shape will help you reach your goals if you bear in mind some important things.

Sleep the necessary hours

People who practice sport have a higher quality of sleep. Developing some kind of physical exercise allows us to sleep better and while we do so, our body releases a series of growth hormones that rejuvenate our skin.

Workout with friends or family

Going to the gym or running with a friend or even your partner is not only more enjoyable but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and reinforces the necessary support during hard moments. If you go as a couple, it will also benefit your relationship and favour the construction of an ideal team spirit.

A goal beyond weight loss

Maintain your motivation by setting yourself a goal beyond the number on the scale. Aim to climb a mountain top or hit the road with your bicycle - the endurance you gain from the exercise will help you achieve your goals, no matter what the scale says.

Adopt your personal routine

You’re more likely to succeed with your training plan if it fits your style. Some of you prefer to train at home, and some prefer the gym, others prefer a flexible schedule or even fixed timetables.

Look for challenges

Boredom leads to demotivation. Throw in a weekly challenge when you feel your motivation lagging. Switch exercises when needed. You don’t have to do the same thing all the time. Choose from circuit training, yoga, spinning, swimming, running etc.…

Running is the best sexual stimulant

While we are running, the body automatically releases endorphins that trigger our sexual desire. Several studies indicate that 70% of the people who regularly practice running feel sexually stimulated at the end of the exercise. Also, running is a unique self-esteem therapy and makes you feel more confident about yourself. Don´t think twice and hit the park or the countryside for a decent run. The best reward will be waiting for you at home...

Go for strength-training

Building muscles do burn fat, but not as much as cardio. However, it’s still an equally important part of any fitness plan. Strength and endurance require strong core muscles, legs, and arms.

Watch out for injuries

Don’t let a tight summer deadline trick you into overdoing it. If you’re relatively new to exercise, exercise responsibly to avoid injuries that will leave you on the sideline.

Top-up your energy

Developing a healthy routine with a rigorous diet and exercise will automatically make you feel energetic and more eager to do other things.

You will no longer need tons of coffee to keep you going, and you´ll be willing to get your social life back after work.

Don´t wait any longer and take advantage of the sunny spring period to top up your energy, physically and emotionally.

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